The inner talk and the psychological song

In this lesson we will see other two aspects of how the ego manifests in ourselves, and that can be extremely harmful to our life.

The inner talk.

The so called inner talk, like the name suggests, is the sequence of chats, talks, acts, etc., that occur in our inner world in the form of thoughts when somebody does or speak to us something that we donít like.
In this case, although we donít say anything verbally, inside us we are speaking horrible things to that person, cursing her, humiliating, etc., etc.

Let us suppose that we work at an office and, doing some daily task, we made a mistake. Then our boss politely tells us about the mistake, to be more careful next time, etc.
That event may be enough to, inside us, humiliating that man, saying terrible things, etc.

Why that happens?
Because, due to the ego, our emotional life is based on the self-sympathy.
This means that we sympathize only with ourselves, with our much beloved ego; and we feel antipathy and even hatred for those who do not sympathize with us.

The main problem is that this inner talk causes a lot of suffering and psychological stress to the person who is in this condition, since it takes too much energy and it is with the person all the time.
Besides, it may also bring problems in the social relationships. A person that feeds this inner talk is like a bomb ready to explode anytime.

We already know that the inner talk is due to self-sympathy, which is just one more of the psychological defects we have.
Thus, the only really effective solution is to apply the psychological death.

So, when we feel that disagreeable feeling that comes when someone says or does something we donít like, we should immediately apply the psychological death.
We should also apply the psychological death when appear in our mind thoughts of hate, of say or do something to a person with whom we donít sympathize.

The psychological song.

The psychological song is much like the inner talk, since it is also processed in the form of dialogs and words in our psychological world, and also cause suffering and stress.
But the psychological song has other origins and is manifested externally as speech.

The psychological song is related to the self-consideration that happens especially when we identify with ourselves.

Self-consideration means feel sorry for ourselves. It is believe that we always do good things to other people and that they donít recognize it, that they are ungrateful or owe something to us, etc.

Like the self-sympathy, the self-consideration is also a psychological defect that should be eliminated through the psychological death.