Astral body projection techniques

In this lesson we will study a bit more about the astral body projection, this time learning new techniques in which the concentration plays a very important role.

Mantra technique.

A mantra is a set of sounds that we can pronounce (vowels, syllable or words) verbally or mentally, which vibrations will produce a desired effect.
The following mantras have as an effect the astral body projection:

By clicking on the links above you can download and listen to the sound files in order to learn the correct pronunciation of each mantra.

In order to practice this, we should lie down in a comfortable position, relax the body and then start pronouncing the mantra.

When we start the practice we can pronounce the mantra verbally a few times to get used to its sound, but after we should ďpronounceĒ it mentally, repeating indefinitely until reach the astral body projection.

When practicing you must be fully concentrated on pronouncing the mantra. You donít have to worry about anything else. Thoughts or doubts of any kind must be discarded.
Just focus on pronounce the mantra until reach the astral body projection. Thatís all you need to do.

Avoid changing the mantra often. It doesnít help. Choose a mantra that you feel is the easiest to pronounce and practice using it.

Concentration on the heart technique.

Another effective technique which is used to get the astral body projection is the concentration on the heart.
The preliminary steps to practice are the same as we just saw above, that is, lie down at a comfortable position and relax the body.

After that you should concentrate and imagine your heart.

Try to see your heart, how it beats, how it looks externally, its color, texture and so on.
Donít be worried if you donít know how a heart really is, or beats, etc. Just imagine it the way you think it is.
With practice you will see the real appearance of this organ ("wise man that imagines sees").

When you were satisfied with your external investigation of the heart, go deeper with your imagination into the heart and see how it works internally (the way you think it does).
Next, go even deeper into the heart and see its cells. Next, focus on just a cell seeing its nucleus.
Make this practice slowly and in the best way you can. Donít rush to finish it.

Important Tips.

You can be sure that doing the practices as described above you will achieve the expected results.
Many people by using the techniques mentioned above have been experienced the reality of the astral projection.