The human machine

In this lesson we will talk a little more about the hidden anatomy of the human being and see something about the seven centers that control the human machine.
This subject is simple but very important, because it is fundamental to understand the next lessons and to practice the techniques that will be taught.

Our body has some control centers that are responsible for specific physical and psychological functions.
There are seven centers that control the human machine: two are superior centers and five are inferior.

The two superior centers, the superior emotional and mental centers, are as if "disconnected" from the human being due to our limited psychological and spiritual condition.

The human being has extraordinary possibilities of self-development and can reach a perfect order inside him making all the five centers of the human machine perfectly balanced and harmoniously “connected” to the other two superior centers.
Such a being has total self control; is the lord of his psychological processes.

All human beings have the five inferior centers. They are indispensable to our existence.
Each center works with your own type of energy and its excessive use (what we could call abuse) exhausts one person and can cause a collapse of his functions. This is what’s generally known as stress.

These centers are the following:

Unfortunately, due to our already known psychological defects, these centers do not work correctly and causes bad physical and psychological performance of the human machine. As a consequence, this can brings all kinds of deceases.
The ego acts in these centers at every moment, misusing the energy, wearing out it and controlling the human machine.

The most unbelievable is that no one suspects what is going on inside oneself. People just suffer the consequences without knowing the causes.
But from now on this situation will start to change.

How can we perceive the action of the ego on these centers?
There is within us a sense that is atrophied because has not been used. It is the Self-observation.
With this sense we can perceive the psychological defects acting on each center and, more important, eliminate those psychological defects from us through what we call Psychological death.

The Self-observation and Psychological death will be explained in the next lessons. They are indispensable to know and change our inner world.