The psychological death

In this lesson we will learn about the main subject of the whole course.

This subject is the psychological death, which is intended to eliminate the undesirable psychological defects that are responsible for our limitations, unconsciousness and sufferings.

Let’s take a look in the graphic bellow that shows our inner constitution:

It is important to know at this point the concepts of Essence and Ego.

The ego

The ego is the sum of our many psychological defects, which were created and continue to be fed by ourselves.
These defects feed themselves with the energies of the human machine centers. Each one of these defects is also called by self or detail of the ego.
There is nothing divine or superior in the ego, it is really the cause of our suffering, unconsciousness, mistakes, vices, etc.

In ancient Egypt the ego was known as the Seth’s red demons, which Osiris should fight.
In the Bhagavad-Gita the ego is symbolized as the relatives, with whom Arjuna should engage in terrible combats.
In the mythology the ego is, among other symbolisms, represented by Medusa, who petrifies whoever sees her and that is beheaded by the sword of Perseus.

In the Bible we can recognize the ego in the passage which the great Master Jesus asks the name of the demon inside the possessed man, and gets the answer: “My name is Legion, for we are many.” (Mark – 5,1-10).
Also the ego is exposed in the so called Seven Deadly Sins: lust, wrath, envy, greed, gluttony, sloth and pride.

While we keep this inhumane nature we will be limited creatures, unconscious, sufferers and victims of the circumstances.
If the human beings had not the ego, the world would be a true paradise.

The Essence

Our consciousness is a divine particle, that we may call Essence.
As wrote Victor Hugo:
“Listen to your consciousness before you act, because the consciousness is God present in the man”.

The Essence is what of most noble we have and it is immortal.
As we eliminate the ego, we strength the consciousness because each self keeps imprisoned a fraction of our Essence.
Consider each self as a bottle that keeps a little of our consciousness imprisoned. When we break the bottle that fraction of our consciousness is released.

This is the way which we can replace, little by little, our many psychological defects by noble and beautiful virtues.

The Divine Mother

There is also in ourselves another divine particle that we call Divine Mother. In the ancient cultures she was always known and venerated.
The Egyptian Isis, the Aztec Tonantzin, the Hindu Shakti, the Stella Maris of the medieval alchemists, the Mary – the Christians’ Our Lady, etc, are the other names assigned to the Divine Mother in the symbolism of each culture and time.
Like our physical mother, she takes care of her son or daughter and she is individual. Each human being has his own Divine Mother.

We should always ask her help, her comfort and her protection.
She never abandons the suppliant son, since he has a right behavior. Her main mission is helping us in the elimination of the ego, of each psychological defect that we can perceive through the self-observation.

The Psychological Death

The psychological death is very old and has always been taught to mankind by several Masters or Avatars who came to instruct it, to show how to put an end to its own sufferings and limitations.
Jesus Christ (the most exalted of them), Buddha, Quetzalcoatl (The Aztec Christ), Hermes Trismegistus in Egypt, Krishna among others.

Each of them taught the same doctrine, although adapted to their time and place, with their own words and symbols.
Unfortunately, when the Master leaves, men manipulated by their own egos start to distort the doctrine and little by little the main teachings are lost or hidden from mankind.

How to do the psychological death

First of all we must to be in self-observation, that is, paying attention to our feelings, thoughts, etc.
Thus, when we perceive that a psychological defect is acting in one of the human machine centers, we mentally ask our Divine Mother to eliminate the defect, to disintegrate it.
The defect is then eliminated immediately and we recover a fraction of the consciousness that was imprisoned by that defect.
It is really very simple.

We must ask from the heart, as when a son asks something urgent to his mother. His mother then readily attends. Each one has his own words, but an example is:

“My mother, eliminate this defect, disintegrate it!”

If the same type of defect insists and acts continuously we should ask again for its elimination.
This happens (very often by the way) when a defect is very strong, when it has been fed for a long time.
However, applying the psychological death every time the defect acts, it will be losing its strength until finally die.

We can make an analogy between the ego and a tree.
A tree develops and keep itself alive and strong taking from the ground the necessary nutrients for its survival, and for this it depends entirely from its roots, since they are the part of the tree that effectively take the nutrients from the earth.

Now let’s consider the ego as a tree that depends totally of the little details or selves (that we may compare to the roots of a tree), since they are the ones that take the energy from the human machine centers and this way keeps the ego alive.
If we cut the ego roots (that are the psychological defects) through the psychological death, the ego will gradually lose its strength, starving and dying, such as it would happen with a tree if we cut its roots.

The opposite is also true, that is, if we allow the selves to act all the time in the human machine centers the ego will become stronger.
This is what has happened to us so far.

We will learn more about the psychological defects in the next lessons and understand why we have some attitudes and behaviors that really cause harm to ourselves and to the others.
But the way to eliminate any psychological defect will be always the psychological death. For this reason you should start practicing now what we have learned in this lesson.

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